Precious Bedell, MA, CHW               

University of Rochester


Lieutenant Dale Erne

Monroe County Sheriff's Office


Rev Sue Forsyth                                

S. Livonia UCC, Pastor & Former Salem Soup Kitchen Director


Cathy Harris                                       

LMSW (retired)


Charlene Leistman, Director of Operations  
Pre-Trial Services Corp.


Patrick McGrath

Executive Director Grace Community Services


Michael Miller                                     

Retired Family Court Judge


Karen Morris                                      

Brighton Town Judge and Monroe Community College Professor


Elizabeth O’Brien                               

Monroe County Department of Human Services


Elizabeth Saeva                                 

Volunteer, DELPHI, Marketing and Public Relations


Fred Schaeffer

Past President / Judicial Process Commission (JPC)

Past President / Metro Justice


Emily Schafer                                     

Volunteer, Marketing


Ann Spargo                                          

Volunteer, Salem Nutrition Center

Linda Sweeting

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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