Ticket to Ride's mission is to provide bus passes to enable defendants in criminal court to attend court dates, meet with probation and parole officers, complete community service or jail work sentences, participate in treatment sessions, and attend mandated educational and job training programs. Additionally, the passes are intended to assist ex-offenders to comply with any other required components of a sentence or post-release rehabilitation program.



The anticipated outcomes are reduction in the number of bench warrants issued by judges, decrease in the time police must dedicate to enforcing bench warrants, decrease in the number of jail nights triggered by nonattendance in court and reduction of tax money required to underwrite those nights, less disruptions to needed treatment, and smoother reentry to the community and job market following incarceration.  Among the beneficiaries will be the safety and economic well being of the community.



Ticket to ride has been laying the groundwork to launch for several years and is now off and running. We have begun submitting grant proposals seeking money to purchase bus passes. A system for distributing the passes to qualifying agencies has been developed, as well as an easy-to-execute record keeping and audit system.


The Steering Committee consists of representatives from stakeholders in the criminal justice system - judges, law enforcement, pretrial services, judicial process commission, defense attorneys, and various county departments.


Ticket to Ride is excited to have recently affiliated with Huther Doyle.  We anticipate this association will enhance Ticket to Ride's fundraising capabilities.



This organization is run by volunteers and without any physical space.  All income for the immediate future will be grant money and donations.  The sole expense is a 15% administrative fee well-earned by Huther Doyle  We plan to use virtually 100% of the balance to buy bus passes and distribute them to the intended beneficiaries.




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